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Many parents are also involved through the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC works with the school staff to provide the best possible educational opportunities for all students. It is run by the PAC Executive, an elected group of parents to represent the entire parent body. All parents and guardians of Cavell students are members of the PAC and are invited to attend the monthly meetings held at the school. As part of the school community, this is the parents' opportunity to participate in discussions and to become involved in school related events, issues, and activities. Please review the latest PAC minutes.

School Planning Council
The parents can also become involved through the School Planning Council (SPC). The SPC is an advisory body whose responsibility is to consult with the school staff and community in developing, monitoring and reviewing the School Growth Plan for improving student achievement. The plan's focus is on improving student achievement.

The SPC must meet during the school year to review the plan for the current school year and to develop and approve the plan for the next school year.

Vancouver Parents for Public Education

VPPE Update

PAC Executive
Mary Schiffer Chair
Heidi Eaves Secretary
Shawn Turkington Treasurer
Email cavellpac@shaw.ca
PAC website cavellpac.ca


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